Years of high quality firmware and software development

Highly skilled in hardware design (FPGA's) and PCB design

Out of the box thinking

Best product designers inhouse

What we


Complex product development 

  • Hardware and Firmware

  • Software applications

  • Product design 

Just Hardware development

  • Development of high quality hardware

Just Firmware development

  • Development of high quality firmware


What you


More about expandables

The main idea of the project is based on special needs of customers. The biggest problem for customers today is to find companies which are really consulting every step of product development to accomplish their needs and visions.

The other problem for smaller companies and customers is the cost of development. These two problems were the trigger for us to create something new and better, something which allows customers to fulfill their visions!

Expandables Era

Our team of specialists is now creating the most customizable projects for customers

Our main goals are to involve the customer in our development process

You don't have to be an inventor to create something awesome, a lot of our customers just don't want to pay a lot of money for the product with features, which are not useful for them!

Live in the world, where your ideas can be reality!

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