• WIFI connectivity

  • Google calendar automatic sync

  • QR code generating

  • NFC support

  • High battery capacity

  • Mobile app for Android and IOS


  • Application for Windows PC

  • Custom notifications from device

  • Temperature measurements

  • Solar panels capacity boost

  • Magnetic case


All our pricing for Papirus device and other Papirus modules and configurations are available on our website. Thank you for supporting us!

Why Papirus?


Cheaper than competitors with even more functionalities but lower price for Papirus!

Battery capacity

Our battery can last 4x longer than the battery in devices from our competitors!


Complete customization of software and hardware.

Customer is our designer!

ECO Friendly


No more papers for meeting rooms, calendars or schedulers! Papirus is made from PLA, it is a thermoplastic made from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots, etc.

Usecases for Papirus

Meeting room 


No more papers for meeting rooms, automatic updates and sync with Outlook and Google Calendar

Task calendar

Complete customization UI for your personal task calendar. Create your own GUI with our app.

Restaurant Menu

You don't have to print menu again and again. Our Papirus can be updated easily from your mobile device or notebook. Just write menus for the day, week or year or change prices of menu items and they will be automatically updated on how many devices you need in your Restaurant!

Time tracking


With NFC module you can easily check you with your entry card, WIFI connectivity allows device uploads the times directly on your server! And the battery can last over one year


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